Thursday, April 28, 2011



It’s a great past time of mine, I partake in it whenever I have the chance.

Today the other half was home looking after the boys, so I decided to take a stroll, on my lonesome, down to the supermarket to get the papers.

On the way, today’s daydream of choice was saying celebrity’s names, in my head, in a pirate voice. I was doing ok, having a little chuckle to myself, until I got to Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus sounds great in pirate speak...MOILEY SOYRUS.

I started to say this over and over (all still in my own head of course) until I got louder and louder, and realised I was actually doing actions to it too!

So If anyone was in my area today, and there was a crazy lady walking down the street, pulling championship bodybuilder moves, don’t worry, it was only me getting a little carried away with my daydreaming...and Moiley Soyrus...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Give the good stuff this Mother's Day

Your Mum had you, she gave you the gift of life, all she wanted was for you to be happy and healthy. Imagine how happy she'd be knowing that she was able to give that gift to another mother, that her child be happy and healthy too.

Unicef Australia have launched their "Inspired Gifts" range, that aims to help children survive and thrive in the 155 countries that Unicef does it's wonderful work.
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to give your Mum for Mother's Day, so why not Buy Charity Gifts For Mother' Day

Like this Mozzie net. In Africa, Malaria claims a child’s life every 30 seconds, using these nets can reduce infection rates by half.

A Water Kit. Whenever a water supply is contaminated, this kit will treat and store the water.

For even as little as $26 you can buy these High Energy biscuits to give a child's nutrition a boost quickly.

But the gift I will be giving my Mum this year is the Mother Baby pack.

More than 1000 children will be infected with HIV every day during pregnancy and childbirth.
Mother to child transmission of the disease is treatable, but logistically not always possible. With the Mother Baby pack, they are given a take home pack with everything nescessary to prevent a HIV positive mother transferring the virus to her baby.

New mum, Tara Moss, explains one young mum's hope to not pass on this disease to the baby she is carrying. Watch Tselane's heartfelt story of discovering she was both HIV positive and pregnant. (Click the picture to watch her story)

So give back to your mum the gift she gave you this Mother's Day. The Gift of life, with Unicef's range of truely Inspired Gifts.